Special saunas at Pohjolan Pirtti Country House

The old Pohjola cow shed has been given a new lease of life and converted into the “Äijän” – Saunas. There are three different saunas ready to give you warmth and relaxation after a long day. Also a wood burning hot tub is ready for you to have a refreshing dip. You may also simply want to sit and relax by the fireplace enjoying local delicacies such as the Vuotunki “Äijän” plate.

By request there can also be arranged traditional Finnish barn dances in the Sauna building.

Only advance bookings. Minimum group 4 persons.

Price: € 95/pers. (includes three saunas + wood burning outside hot tub) 

We suggest - dinner in the Sauna building. Price: € 40/person (min 5 pers.)

Birch Sauna in Rukan Salonki

Birch is a strengthening and cleansing tree and is beneficial for the immunesystem. Fresh birch leaves have vitamins and the full-grown leaves also have flavonoids, fenols and etheric oils. Birch sap detoxes the body. Birch ash drink balances the pH levels in the body. First we wash the body and hair with birch soap and shampoo.A birch scrub is applied to the body and an organic honey mask for the face. Then we relax in the heat of the sauna and use the bundle of birch to get our blood circulating! We stay hydrated with a special birch drink! 

Minimum group 4 persons. Duration 2-3 hours.

Price: 65 €/person

Price includes: Saunatherapist’s services, Hi-tech smoke sauna, towels, washing liquids and sauna drink. 

We also recommend: traditional Finnish cupping: 80€/person. Outdoor jacuzzi 100 €/group. Saunasnack 17,50€/person.  Meals in private restaurant Kultala.


Sauna of old time stories 


The old man of Vuotunki has a world of stories about the old days in these regions. The Sauna of Old Time Stories is built in an old cattle shed and houses three different saunas. Drift off to days long gone as you sit in the hot tub on the patio, listening to tales of sisu – the stubborn persistence that built this land. Built inside the former cow shed, there are two more saunas; elf’s sauna and Grandma’s soft steam sauna.

We also recommend: meal in the Pohjolan Pirtti farm house.

Duration 2-3 hours.

The minimum group size is 4 persons.


Price: Sauna on Old Time Stories 95,00€ /person or 380€ / group 


Price incl. a story time with the Old Man, use of three saunas, towels, sauna hats and washing liquids.

We also recommend: Saunasnack 17,50 €/person. Saunayoga, various sauna programmes, e.g. Elf’s Sauna.





Seven Star Traditional Smoke Sauna 

The smoke sauna has been used by the Finns for hundreds of years. The first guests to bathe inside the black-charred log walls of the Seven Star Smoke Sauna were important men from high places. These distinguished guests were so impressed by the skill of the Sauna Master and the outstanding qualities of the sauna, that the seven wooden stars on the outer wall are cherished as well deserved. The energy rush after dipping in the ice pool after the hot sauna completes the unforgettable experience. 

Duration about 2,5 hours.

The minimum group size is 4 persons.


Price: 50 € /person.

Saunasnack: 17,50 € /person

Price incl. towels, bunch of birch ”vasta”, washing liquids, swimming hole cut in the ice, peat or honey masks. 

We also recommend: Dinner in private restaurant Klubi.



Iisakki’s Lakeside Sauna and Outdoor Jacuzzi


The Finnish dream: a wood-heated sauna by the lake with a massive 750kg stove. Heating the stove takes four hours, but the bather is rewarded with exceptionally slow and gentle steam. Marvel at the midnight sun in the open-air Jacuzzi or swim in the lake!


Duration about 2,5 hours. The minimum group size is 4 persons.


Price 50 € /person.

Price incl. sauna, outdoor jaccuzzi, towels, washing liquids. 


We also recommend: Sauna snack 17,50 € /person, SaunaYoga®, nature adventures, meals in Iisakki Village. 




Swamp Treatment in Iivaara Wilderness Sauna

The remote Wilderness Sauna of Iivaara is heated by wood using trees from the surrounding wild forests. Between the heats, we walk across the yard to the swamp where we experience a peat treatment by sitting in the swamp! You can also take a swim into the sandy-bottomed lake. If you are lucky, you can hear the wild animals in the surround-ing nature and admire the midnight sun. 


Duration about 2-3 hours.


Price 45 €/person

Price incl. sauna, swamp treatment, towels, washing liquids 


We also recommend: Sauna snack 17,50 €/person.

Guided hiking trip to the top of Iivaara fell.

Dinner in the wilderness restaurant.

Home-made soap prepared by the hosts. 


Relaxing saunayoga

Saunayoga is an all-encompassing exercise for the body and the mind with an aim to unite the two through movement, breathing, warmth and silence. It is an ideal workout for anyone regardless of age, size of level of fitness and requires no previous yoga training experience.


Price: starting from 8€/pers (duration about 60 min)