River rafting on family route

A rafting adventure on the famous River Kitkajoki for the whole family in an easy Käylä - Juuma route. The whole family (min. age 5 years)  together with a professional skipper can take part in this event and enjoy the clean air and water. There are seven rapids on the family route and they are classified from I to III, which means that there will be many exciting but safe moments on the beautiful river. A memorable adventure that must be experienced!  

Duration about 3 hours with the transfers. 

Minimum group size 4 persons. Minimum age – 5 years.

Price: 39 €/ adults, 20€/ children under 12 years


River rafting - wild route 

Shoot the most challenging rapids in the Kitkajoki river canyon and see the magnificent Jyrävä waterfall from the shore. We end our rafting to Jyrävä fall and hike 1,5 km back to car. To participate to the safari you must be at least 18 years and in reasonably good physical shape. 

Duration 3 hours. Minimum group size 4 persons. 

Price: 69 €/ person


Whild route adventure to the Russian border

The demanding wild route of River Kitkajoki leads you over the beautiful rapid Myllykoski and the demanding 900 m long rapid Aallokkokoski. The rafting trip takes about 6-7 hours and includes a picnic lunch by the campfire. At the end of the river rafting trip there are many little rapids which are surrounded by the untouched wilderness of Oulanka National Park. The trip will end at the Russian border.  

Minimum group size 4 persons. Minimum age:18years

Price: from 82€/person




RZR quad-bike Adventures

Two-seated RZR-cars will take you an adventure!Professional guide will lead the group to the forest and road trails. Route goes also on a slopes of Ruka and from the top you can admire the magnificent views. On the way you will stop to enjoy coffee and sweet buns by the fire.

Duration 2 hours.

Minimum group size 4 persons.

Drivers need driving licence.


75 € /person /2 per car

99 €/person /1 per car

35 € /children 5-15 years.


ATV safaris

If you like snowmobiling, you’ll love ATV's! Through the forest and the marsh, across the bogs, the route is planned according to the experience and skills of the participants. Our professional safari organizers will take you out for a fun ride! Safaris last from a couple of hours to several days even on Russia - according to your wishes! The safari is featuring many kinds of obstacle that a driver could meet in a real off-road situation: steep ascents and descents, side riser, water splash and so on. On the way you will see beautiful sceneries!

Duration starting from 1hour. Longer programs include as well camp meal.

Drivers need driving licence.

Minimum group 4 persons.

Minimum age: 15v. 

Price: starting from 49 € /pers 


Quad-bike safari to the reindeer farm

Very special program at Reindeer Farm! There you could to get chance for special rare possibility - Milk the Reindeer. You can also feed the reindeer and you will hear stories about reindeer and reindeer herding. In the end of the reindeer program soup lunch and delicious pancakes from reindeer milk culminates everything. 

ATV driving will take about 2 hours. Total duration of program about 4 hours.

Minimum group size 4 persons.

Drivers need driving licence


120 € /pers (2 pers/car)

165 € /pers (1 pers/ car)

Price includes lunch.


NEW! RZR-Adventure to the reindeer farm

(25.6. - 20.8.) 

From Ruka we travel along the dirt roads and beautiful ridge sceneries to the traditional reindeer farm, on this trip we use a brand new RZR-adventure cars with 2 persons / car. On this safari you can enjoy a little extra special treat - reindeer milk pancakes. First, however, reindeer needs to be milked that we can make pancakes. After milking we feed the reindeer and you can see how babies are running and jumping around. After that we go to Kammi where by the open fire we bake reindeer milk pancakes and coffee. Reindeer farmer tells about reindeer and reindeer herding. After that we drive back to Ruka. The driver must have driver's license. Duration of the program 4-5 hours. Distance to drive is about 50 km, easy. Minimum group 4 persons.

Price: 129 € /pers (2 pers/car), 65 € /children 5-15years




River rafting and fishing at famous Kitka River

Kitkajoki is one of the famous rivers in Finland but for fishing it`s quite a challenge. Best way to reach for the best fishing areas is to take a rafting boat and local fishing guide with you. Guide will tell you have to manage in the float and shows you the fishing spots.Rafting Adventure in an easy Käylä - Juuma route (minimum 5 years).Proffessional skipper and fishing guide will stop the boat in to a good fishing place and teach you a methods and secrets of fly and tackle fishing.You might catch graylings, whitefishes and trout. In the middle of our way we make a stop and enjoy camp meal by the riverside.

Duration of the programs from 4 up to 10 hours. 

Minimum group size 4 persons. Minimum age: 5years

Price: from 69 € /pers. + fishing licence (reductions for children)



River fishing

Fishing on Kuusamo´s famous fishing rivers. We will be usind rod, reel or fly fishing to catch trout, whitefish and grayling. The program includes guiding, transfer from Ruka Safari Centre, fishing equipment, coffee and picnic lunch by a camp fire.

Duration about 4 hours.

Minimum group size 4 persons.

Price: 79 € /person + fishing licence.



Fishing trip at the lake

Fishing trip that suits for the whole family! Our guide will show you the techniques for the fishing. We will fish from the boat or canoe and also from the shore. You might catch whitefishes, perches, graylings, and pikes. At the end of the trip we will enjoy coffee and grill sausages by the fire. Program includes fishing license for the lake. 

Duration of the program about 2 hours. Minimum group 4 persons.

Price: starting from 48 € /adults + State fishing licence.

25 € /children under 12v.