Smoke sauna experience





Saturdays 18.00–20.00 o’clock


Experience the authentic Lapland in a smoke sauna in the middle of the forest together with your small crew.

Feel the soft alder heat tingle on your skin and sense the healthy steam flowing thought the air. Give yourself a break from the exhausting everyday life and let the sauna purify your mind and body. 

To cool off from its salubrious heat, roll in the soft and refreshing snow – which is an amazing experience in itself!

The renovated over 100-years-old sauna is located only a 10 minute drive from Kemijärvi city centre.



Price   43€/person, min. 3 persons

           33€/person, min. 4 persons

Ideal group size for this is 3-4 persons.

Transportation with customers own vehicle or ordered transportation at an additional cost of 10 €/person.  


Reservations a day before 15.00, at the latest.

Tel. 040 344 7777 or Email.