Welcome to experience the Nature's Own Amusement Park!

The recipe for a perfect holiday comes from great adventures and pleasant moments with loved ones. Nature's Own Amusement Park has plenty for the whole family to do and experience. The Ruka and Kuusamo area is full of nature's own attractions and interesting activities that not only provide adventures, but also relaxing vacation days!


The resort is open all year round and we will help you to find the best ideas for an unforgettable holidays in Ruka-Kuusamo region! 








+358 207 551 850



Rukankyläntie 8, 


(Kumpare building)



Opening hours:


11am - 5pm


Sunday - closed


A professional team

of Fintravel Ruka 

will be glad to help

you to organize a great

and unforgettable holidays! 



Welcome to Ruka-Kuusamo!