Film Friendly


Our company has participated in the Film Friendly training organized by Finnish Lapland Film Commission.


Finnish Lapland Film Commission:


You can film during any of the eight seasons in Kemijärvi. The wilderness is only a 10-minute drive away from the town centre.

Our hotels are used to work together with film and television companies.

We offer you midnight sun freestyle sportsmen diving into the lake Pöyliöjärvi; fishers, rowers and paddlers in the Kemijoki river scenery. Puustelli Art Centre with international artist’s sculptures, and the world’s northern-most snowmobile museum whose exhibition covers over 100 snowmobiles and 300 chainsaws.

Kemijärvi has many town clubs that offer volunteer opportunities



Kemijärvi has professional, experienced filmmakers:

  • Actor/director Kari Väänänen (cv movie database Kari Väänänen)
  • Television-, video- and movie expert Uula Kuvaja
  • Movie- and video expert Esko Puikko
  • International make-up artist Terhi Väänänen
  • Movie- and theatre costumer and make-up artist Nea Kuvaja



  • Hotels
  • Lodges/cabins/cottages
  • Wilderness huts
  • Accommodation with separate rooms, offices, kitchen and dining rooms, wide yards and sports fields, saunas, beaches within reach



  • Catering entrepreneurs that are used to work in the wilderness.



  • Tractors, new and old
  • Snowmobiles, new and museum material
  • Earthmovers
  • Quad bikes
  • m/s Ahti cruise ship
  • A ferry
  • Canoes/kayaks
  • Church boats
  • Cars
  • Delivery vans for 8 persons
  • Minibus for 8-16 persons
  • Buses 28-53 persons


Tour Guides

  • Local history expertise
  • War history expertise
  • Storytellers
  • Available guiding languages: Russian, Spanish, Greek and German.



Special Know-how

  • Sculptor Urpo ‘’Upi’’ Kärri
  • Freestyler skier Mikko Kellokumpu
  • Wood sculptor Pasi Vierelä
  • Chef, Maitre Rôtisseur Lasse Ketonen
  • Singer, artist Paula Patosalmi



  • Sleigh horses
  • Riding horses
  • Reindeers
  • Lambs
  • Rural idyll: Finnish horses, chicken and cocks wandering in the countryside